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angle-left Koli Forumin teesit julki

Koli Forumin teesit julki

Perinteikäs Koli Forum -tapahtuma järjestettiin lokakuussa. Tapahtuman teesit on nyt julkaistu, forumissa käyttökielenä on englanti.

Wealth, health, and wellbeing from the Nordic forest

In October 2019, the participants of Koli Forum after having listened to the presentations and taken part in the discussions on the topic of “Wealth, health, and wellbeing from the Nordic and recognizing:

• the role of forests and forest products in combatting climate change,

• the impact of global trends like population growth, urbanization, aging populations, etc. on the demand for products and services from forests,

• the need to secure biodiversity and prevent environmental pollution and degradation,

• the growing opportunities in bioeconomy and circular economy,

• the special features and values that the Nordic societies can offer, and the necessity to activate this region’s contribution in providing solutions to global challenges,

have formulated the Koli Theses as follows... (link to thesis)

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